Cells of Human body

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Our mental goals, which are thoughts, desires or knowledge, say nothing but the chemical process of human body, light is due to human particles or subtle body, it is such a principle, which, if proven, then not only reincarnation, ghosts, Indian beliefs of far-sighted, far-sighted, thought-seeking, foreign-entry, afterlife etc. will not be confirmed, but they are also capable of performing those actions of yoga Will, body holding self-India Ttwdrshion by large practices and suffering practicable experiments for the gigantic growth of consciousness of the invention. The centroid-centric element that earns memories, is found in all 600 trillion cells of human body, if stretched and stretched in length, then according to the search of the entire universe ie 186000 × 60 × 60 × 24 × 365 × 1/4 × 500 million miles long. In such a long lace, by multiplying it by 1000000000 characters in the above numbers, the number of words that will form, the memory of words of those letters and those letters can be kept by humans.

These cells have different properties in different organs of body. Knowing this, it will also be possible to get body treated by the body. If more insomnia is discovered, then humans will be able to obtain many such powers by their means, whose chances are related to neuroscience. They will also include siddhis like Anima, Garima, Laghima and others.

There will be detailed information about partial cells of plastic cells, vacuole, endoplasmic, reticulb, centriliol and maidochondria etc., so many mysteries of universe will be detected in body. All these have laid a network of canals and rivers in the body.

It is seen that when these structures are reconnected or established, a large heavy road is formed. Millions of miles of canals are visible. Some parts of cells appear as rising, like they are Himalaya or Alpas Mountains, on them, the nature of the material also appears glowing and bright, which appear along the mountains and rivers. The eyes get disturbed by what all this is a bustle within an atom. Whatever a person takes, he reaches power stations established in body, from where there is a supply of energy according to the need of every place, seeing it, it seems that any engineer is running these skills efficiently.

On the basis of these, there has been a lot of information in respect to cells, on the basis of which there has been a stir in medical world, such injections and medicines have been made, which will now make the rest of human beings not only rejuvenation but other diseases. To achieve long life, all these scientists are in the fist of these biologists have called these cells the basis of life of body. First of all biologist Jovahar told that consciousness could not be stable without being aligned with chemistry of biology. He synthesized the physical chemicals called aluminum and urea and proved that physical chemicals and metals cannot be caught in the laboratory, this announcement was about to create intense bouts of chemistry and medicine.