Case Study of a Ficus Bengalensis

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In Kolkata, a bitter tree Ficus Bengalensis is found, whose upper umbrella is more than 2000 yards in diameter. Roots (baht) get out of the banyan root and get trapped in the earth and upper dispersion is simple. In this banyan tree thousands of roots have gone out of the ground and have also increased the safety, strength and beauty of the tree. Thousands of people, thousands of birds keep shelter and livelihood in its shadow. Such a huge circle of trees is a kind of surprise. Even more surprising is that the size of such a large tree which is grown from its diameter will not be more than one centimeter. Knower of Botany will know that entire development of the tree on which the field is called is called seed. In the seed, all the possibilities lie hidden, which, in turn, appear as a long cherished tree. There are many layers within outer skin of the seed (epidemic); they are composed of Penthenchetmus cells of deadly reefs. If the seed is cut horizontally, then it appears to be rounded. Last layer of cortex is called endoderma.


Its cells are importers (rectangular). Their horizontal thing have a special type of thickness. A layer of thin reefs is located inside Endomorph, it is called peri-cycle. Root branches come from this part. From here on, some of the zodiacs get out of place to grow and bite the cortex and it grows in the form of roots. Function of carving tissues in which the elements of name are called xylem and phloem. They both surround the medulla (pith) of the seeds. The inspiration of this pith of the tree of a tree grows in the form of stems and roots below. If this active part of the root is seen by microscope, then size of the tree without the enlarged tree is shown. A strange world is visible in it.

It is surprising that the survey of marrow (pith) can tell us that the roots of the tree will be this much, with such thickness, this depth will increase in some direction in such a way, how thick the stem, how many branches of the branches turn, And how many leaves would be. All of this can be done by subtle philosophy of this part. The question is not of those lines and treasures, which are goals of development. The point of insight is that inner consciousness, which evolves with self-motivation and enhances itself to transform into a full-grown tree. A whole tree map is filled in a seed, people will be surprised to read it. Such a large tree would have been a small constituent from the seed that was germinated, flowered, grew and grown, half a centimeter. When the consciousness started to expand the seed, then strain, strain it from the stem, leaving the leaves from leaves, fruits, flowers, roots etc. The trend of human-body and development is also similar. A small cell (sperm) of semen was worn by the woman's reproduction fund. Back to the same cell, in which all the possibilities of the body of a man or a woman's body-shapes-nature, color height, nose map etc existed all-when it began to grow, it developed into the body by pulling the eternal powers of space. Would have gone In one centimeter, there could have been several billion rupees, which appears to be 5 feet 6 inches thick body from the same microscope. This smallness is remembered within the womb, but as soon as the wind blows out, forgets the fundamental basis of life and when humans consider themselves as a body of gross matter, humans lose the precious God-like heritage of life. If we were able to experience life even in small molecules, then our approach towards public consciousness would have been different from today.Cae