Be a Knight

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Karma is physical, whose fruits often get along with them. Drug intoxication came to that frenzy. The poison was eaten or died. The body is made of root elements. Physics are grossly obnoxious. It gets revenge immediately. The hand gets burnt after touching the fire. Dieting against the rule, the pain of diseases, the weakness of the weakness is invaded and its purification is also quick. The laborers work hard, they get money in return. There is no mental nuisance behind the physical actions that are made by the body only for the body, they are called cremans. The reader may have understood that getting the result of accumulated deeds is doubtful, if the opportunity is available, then they are fruitful. Otherwise, they are collapsed by anti-climatic conditions. It is certain to get the results of the proposed deeds, but it takes some time to get the favorable situation. There is no rule in this regard about how long this time is, it can be today even today and can happen even from the difference of some births, but pratakandha fruits are the same, which occur suddenly and in which man Do not lose anything. The failure which results from the overriding of a man's husband can not be termed as a priceless fruit. The kriyamas are so direct, they have been told above that the physical actions of fixed fruits are cremated. It does not take much time to get their results. In this way some light has been put in place regarding the three types of karma and the fulfillment of its fruits.

The pain of suffering is unpleasant, their immediate experience is bitter, they eventually prove to be welfare and enjoyable for the organism. They get extraordinary help in refining the virtues and increasing the virtues. Joyfully, a little flavor change has been made in the light of the bright life and happiness in the world of good and evil, that there is no obstacle in progress. By filling the key in the clock, his trick gets cured again, because of the hammer blowing his hammer, his tone plays sound exactly. Running pedals, the bicycle rotates properly, the heat of fire dries down and cooks. A little bit of pain is also necessary for the happiness of life. The suffering that is in the world is the same and it is so, but remember that as much as a lot of grief, it is the result of our injustice, the wrongdoing, the disaster. Soul is not a sad form, life is not sad, nor is there pain in the world.

Do not be afraid of grief, do not panic, do not feel shy, do not be worried or distraught by seeing them, but be prepared to bear them. Like a bitter-tongued but true hearted friend, you can get him out of the arm. He speaks bitter words, makes unpleasant critique, even when it goes, a lot of goods are given as treasure gifts. Open the seams like a brave soldier and say, 'Come! come!! Hey my children, come on! I have created you, I will put you on my chest. Like a mistress, you do not want to hide or hide like a jar son, but like the Sadhvi's Dharmaputra, you play a delight in my party. I am not cowardly, who will cry out to you, I am not impotent, that I should be obliged to bear your burden, I am not a liar, who hides his face from enjoying his deeds. I am the truth, I am Shiva, beautiful, come, my unborn mind, my mother! Come on! There is also a place for you in my hut. I am a knight, so be sorry! You do not hide the mouth by accepting it or do you want help from someone to save you? You have come to take a test of my courage, I am ready, do not look patiently, I have opened my chest to admit courageously.

Beware! Do not say, 'This world is bad, evil, sinful, sad, the virtue of God, whose particle in which it has filled the workmanship, can not be bad. To blame on creation, then the person will have to object. 'This pitcher is made very bad', it means the potter is worthless. Your father is not so insignificant, as you say, 'the world is sad' and by saying this word, it's a reputation for its reputation. There is not even a molecule of sorrow in the virtuous land of God. Our ignorance is sad for us. Let's cleanse the conscience by washing all the evils and weaknesses inside us, which can lead to extreme retirement of sorrow and we can achieve the ultimate position.