B.J Habibie’s Love Quotes to Ainun that teasing

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B.J Habibie's Love Quotes to Ainun that Makes teasing. It is common knowledge that B.J Habibie is a man who really loves his family, especially to his wife Ainun. The romanticism of both seems to never fade until death separates.

B.J Habibie's love for Ainun seems to be a reflection of perfect love and can be used as an illustration of how true love is.

Many quotes from romantic sentences and expressions of affection spoken by B. Habibie to Ainun's wife have made us realize that true love is love until the end of life separates.

This love quote can strengthen your relationship with him too.

1. Between me and Ainun, are two bodies but in one soul.

Deep love expressed by B.J Habibie. The sentence implies that even though they are two different individuals but their hearts are united to the end.

2. True love looks at the weakness and then becomes an advantage to love each other.

Full of meaning and meaning. Proving that love is not something that must be perfect, B. Habibie means love is something that can be improved over time even though initially there are still many deficiencies.

3. Without love intelligence is dangerous and without intelligence love is not enough.

Sometimes being smart isn't enough. Intelligence also requires a love in it, because if it is not there will appear an ego and that is not very good. But love also requires the name of intelligence, intelligence in acting and knowing the cause and effect during love with someone. A very cool thing is implied in Habibie's B.J phrase above.

4. Although the body has been separated by death, true love remains eternally stored in the recesses of the heart.

We can see how sad B.J Habibie was when his beloved wife Ainun left forever. The half-hearted man who almost accompanied him almost half a century away and of course it was not easy. But like the sentence above, even though the body has separated his love for his wife is still eternal.

5. Love is not a look at each other but looks out together in the same direction.

Having the same vision and mission is important in the life of B.J Habibie and Ainun. The meaning of the sentence is, love is not just to love but also needs careful planning how the future of love continues. Perhaps this is one of the keys to the perpetuity of B.J Habibie and Ainun households.

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