Accommodate your travelling in a very tight budget

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Talk to your friends before going anywhere. Ask people. They may have already gone where you are going. In this way they will guide you better.

Nowadays a new trend has run. People go to travel and instead of taking a local transport, cab or bus, they drive themselves and explore the place very well. Hiring a car, bicycle or motorcycle in every good city or country can turn the whole city. There is some rent for this. Nowadays, due to being a Google Map, there is no need for a guide to go somewhere. So you can roam the entire city alone. Well if you have a family with you then you hire the car and if you are on a solo trip then it will be best for you to travel by bicycle. After giving a bicycle rental, you can save money on fuel.

You can save money even during hotel booking. Just have to show you some smartness. There are so many apps that give you some discounts on first bookings. Not only this, you can also stay in the guest house built by the trust other than the hotel. There are also facilities for paying guests in some cities and tourist places. It gets booked for much less than the hotel's rent. So go to the next trip, do not forget this tip before booking a place to stay.

When you go on trips, try to eat locally dish. The food found in the local dish branded hotel is quite cheaper and it will also make you experience of a new test.

If you have money saving, then remove shopping from the list. Everyday things are available online today and if you have to buy something very important, do not buy it without bargaining.

Here are few tips for you:-

  1. Before going on a trip, pack your bags instead of folding your bags while packing the bags. Hey, this is not a myth, but the reality is that rolled cloth takes less space in the bag. By rolling clothes, the air does not come in the bag, due to which the clothes do not collapse.


  1. If you are keeping some luggage in the bag which can leak your clothes, then seal the mouth of these bottles.


  1. If your journey is longer, then at least pack clothes. Take clothes that can be quickly dry. They can be washed in the night and dried up till dawn. Nylon, polyester, rayon and cotton-polyester fabric can prove to be helpful for you.


  1. Keep the scanned copy of your impact documents in electronic form. Make a copy of yourself also to match yourself.


  1. Place the cache carrying with you in separate pieces in the bag. So if money stolen from one place can be used, then the money can be used in another place.

6.  Keep lots of plastic bags and newspapers with you. Remember there is no end to their utility.

7. Take an empty water bottle with you instead of buying a new water bottle on the airports. Use them instead of throwing an empty bottle.

8. Always hold medicines to handle any illness. Keep pan killers, anti-fog cream, antibody medicines as told by doctors, in your bag.

9. Keep some snacks in your bag, which can fulfill your desire to eat lightly.

10. Choose the footwear too, which you can wear with every dress and which is also comfortable.