A Collection of Happy Words as Expressions of Gratitude.

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When you feel happy, what things do you usually do? Most people express their joy through beautiful words to express their feelings. However, if you have trouble composing words that represent your feelings, in this article, there is a collection of happy words that you can make references.

Expressing gratitude and happiness can indeed be done in various ways. Begin by thanking God Almighty enough to compose happy words to upload to social media.

Happiness is one of the blessings that God gives to every human being. These feelings can arise from anywhere and at any time. Some examples are having a friend, family, or boyfriend who is always beside you and love you with all your heart.

Have you been thankful to God for having those people who always arouse your spirit? Express your gratitude through quotes that you can take from a few examples in a collection of happy words in this article. Happy reading!

1. Expand Gratitude

Happy are those who have enough lives even though they are not rich.

There are many people who think that wealth is the main factor of happiness. So that most people try and work hard to collect rupiah coffers in order to achieve pleasure.

Even though the feeling of joy is not measured by how much money you have. Actually, gratitude is the basis of happiness. If you always give thanks, then God will give you a gift of extraordinary happiness.

2. Give Alms

Remember that the happiest people are not the ones who get more, but they give more.

You may be familiar with inspirational Islamic quotes about the importance of giving alms, right? Basically, giving a portion of the assets you have, will never reduce your wealth. Instead, God will multiply your sustenance.

As one example of a collection of happy words from this American writer, that someone really feels happiness when giving away some of the assets he has. The more that is given away, the greater the happiness that God gives.

3. Welcome Your Day with Joy

If you welcome day and night with joy, you have reason to be happy.

Do you know, what gift from God is given for free but is often ignored by you? This is a long time and age.

When you wake up in the morning in a healthy and fit state, that's an incomparable favour that God has given you. So from that, greet your morning and live the day until your night with joy. Don't forget to thank God because you are still allowed to live your life.

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