Need for fasting for self-development

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Self realization or perpetual life is realized through devotion. Need to climb up, then put the stairs. Holding a stance with one hand and holding feet on the other, they climb up easily. By achieving successively short vow in life, finally achieving the perimeter of advanced-fast is easier than any other means.

'The eligibility of advanced life comes from a person's fasting. This is called initiation. What is doing giving from initiation means successful results. Through success, reverence for rituals and rituals is awakened and reverence is achieved by truth. Truth is the meaning of human life. This is a gradual development method. The beginning of the fasting and truthfulness is the final conclusion. '

The spiritual meaning of the fast is with those behaviors which are pure, simple and simplicity, and they have been followed in a special way. It has been observed that in practical life, most people speak truth most and conduct truth only, but some moment comes such that when speaking truth, obstacles in selfishness and will, people at that time lie Are or are doing untrue behavior. Disobeying truth for personal selfism means that your allegiance is not in that conduct. It will only say that it is not fast.

It is called fast that the matter is of your own benefit or the other person who is pure and justified. In a nutshell, the practice of purity is not called fast even in difficult situations. The short form of resolution is fasting. The power of resolution is wide and fast is a chapter of it. Virtually both the fast and the resolution are the same.

In the opposite circumstances, the practice of living a life of laughter and happiness is called fast. This gives the person the ability to perform great deeds. Dealing in some difficulties is the connotation of man's little power, which inspires to move forward in difficulties, such power is in vow.