Netherlands bars adoption of foreign nationals amidst abuse allegations

After a committee of inquiry into cases of child trafficking into the Netherland discovered offenses, the government has suspended the adoption of foreign children into the country. This decision has been welcomed by many across the continent. 

Adoption of foreign kids banned till further notice in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands has barred all manners of adoption from overseas henceforth after investigations reveal several cases of abuse. An inquiry that focused on cases of adopting kids from nations like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, and Columbia from 1977-1997 has revealed some staggering claims. 

Dutch minister for indigenous protection Sander Dekker admitted that the government hasn't done well to stop such abuses. These various inhumane abuses consist of forcing unwilling mothers to give up their kids, blackmailing them, and using financial inducements to get these kids to leave their mothers. 

This investigation shows that many Netherlands government officials know about these abuses and that some even participated fully. However, there is no concrete evidence that the officials were bribed. The minister said even if the government officials didn't receive money, they had failed by not acting on these abuses. 

Dutch government accused of '' looking away''

'' The government had failed and should have done more to stop entirely or reduce such cases to the barest minimum. This observation is sad, and I want to apologize to the family affected on behalf of the government '' 

A Dutch lady who is currently looking for her parents in Indonesia has said the government has made the decision, accusing the system of encouraging child abuse and trafficking. According to Widya Astuti Boerma claimed there were lots of cash inducements involved from all parties.

It has been revealed that more than 4,000 foreign children are trafficked into the Netherlands since 1985, with the majority coming from Indonesia. This inquiry was headed by a public servant Tjibbe Joustra who said things have gone bad for so long, with successive governments doing nothing.

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