Myanmar Army issues stern warning as demonstration grows

The coup in Burma has continued to generate problems as major protests occur in major cities. The military has warned its citizens it could resort to violence if the protest doesn't stop. 

We will quell protest with force if it doesn't stop- Burma Army 

Security officials in Burma have threatened to take tough measures against citizens who still insist on protesting against the coup. The military started that while it is their accord to protest, they must not break the law while doing so. This was issued after several cases of the clash between the police and protesters resulted in many injuries. 

In the city of Naypyidaw, thousands have taken to the streets for the fourth day in a row to protest last week's coup against a democratically elected government. In a stern statement by the nation's TV MRTV, the army said on Monday, that it had noticed many violations of laws and violence against security officials, and it won't be tolerated again. Using 'democracy' and' freedom of expression for violent acts will not be tolerated.

Protests spread across cities as demonstrators demand leader release 

After last week's military coup in Burma, the ruling military hasn't used force to quell the uprising in major cities as they usually do, but it seems the generals are losing patience. This statement by the military and after social media videos emerged of security officials using water cannons to disperse the mammoth crowd that came to protest on the streets. They have charged leader Aung San Suu Kyi and President Myint for illegal possession of communication devices, a charge international observers claimed was 'laughable'.

There is a growing call to join the protest after the coup which has drawn condemnation from countries all over the world except China which has described the incident as a 'private affair'. In the major cities of Yangon, nurses, doctors, and teachers have joined the demonstration holding placards reading '' Democracy is the best' and 'Say no to coup'.