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Our Background . . .
In January 1951, approximately 40 people met to initiate the formation of the Jackson Community Church.  In March and April of that year these 40 people were joined by 26 additional people to be received as Charter members of the New Hampshire Council of Churches.  Upon recommendation of a study committee, it was unanimously agreed to seek affiliation with the Congregational Christian Conference of New Hampshire.  In 1957, the union of the Congregational Christian and the Evangelical and Reformed churches formed the United Church of Christ.  In 1981, with the adoption of its revised By-Laws, the Jackson Community Church became a member church of the United Church of Christ.

In 1982, the addition of the parish house attached to the church structure made possible a much-expanded program within the community.

Our Mission . . .
In response to the leading and challenge of the Holy Spirit, our mission is to present an understanding and to encourage the individual acceptance and growth in the Life Abundant here and now.  As communicated to all people by the life and ministry of Christ Jesus and authenticated by His death and resurrection, the Life Abundant involves personal relationships of love and service with God and with other persons.  These relationships are freely offered by the grace of God and in freedom received.

Weddings and Parish Events . . .

To schedule a wedding, call Linda Hastings (383-9375)
To schedule a parish event, call Joanne Turner (383-6187)